Do you also have a Fear Of Missing Out when it comes to traveling?

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Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat in Corona times

When I looked out of my airplane window I saw the paradisiacal islands of Raja Ampat disappearing from my sight. Lush green...
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Mindo, Ecuador, photo credits Roel Ruijs

Oh Mindo!

A two-hour bus drive equaled traveling 50 years back in time. I left chaotic Quito and arrived in Mindo: a sleepy, dusty...
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Valle de Cocora, palm trees reaching up to heaven

Salento: many highlights (literally) and freshly brewed coffee

Salento is a colorful, small village in Colombia with a great vibe to it. Within just a stone’s throw from amazing Valle...
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Valle de la Luna, San Pedro de Atacama

One week in San Pedro de Atacama: desert, snow and a valuable lesson

If I learned one thing from traveling it is to let go sometimes. As a control freak with a fear of missing...
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Orangutan in Gunung Leuser National Park

Running from the notorious orang-utan Mina in Bukit Lawang

Jungle trek, jungle trek in Bukit Lawang see the monkeys, see the birds, see orang-utan. Jungle trek, jungle trek in Bukit Lawang...
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San Blas Islands

My 4 Panama highlights

Ever since my roundtrip through Central America in 2009, I’m hooked. I love Central America. The friendly people, the atmosphere, the wildlife,...
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Regina Coeli

How to learn a new language: my experiences with group and private lessons Spanish

Traveling is all about being astounded by new impressions of nature, wildlife and culture for me. And when it comes to the...
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On our way to the camp site

Be careful what you wish for…about the jaguar that saw mé in the Madidi Jungle!

I love jungle. And I love wildlife. So, when I was in Bolivia, I really wanted to visit the Madidi jungle. Especially...
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Street art in Valparaiso

5 Safety tips for South- and Central America

5 tips to travel safe in Central- and South America.
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School of the World. Jaco, Costa Rica

35 and back to School

I took Spanish lessons in Costa Rica (Jaco) and Argentina (Mendoza) and I highly enjoyed it. At the School of the World...
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Tortuga Lodge and Gardens

The 3 ‘T’s of Tortuguero: turtles, toucans and tourists

If you say ‘Tortuguero’ 3 things will cross my mind immediately: ‘turtles’, ‘toucans’ and ‘tourists’.Yes, it has become way more touristy than...
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Rumah Dharma

Visiting Borobudur? Spend some nights at Rumah Dharma

If you're going to visit the Borobudur Temple in Java, make sure to overnight close by. I can highly recommend Rumah Dharma.
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Seeing hand massage

Massages for an extra good cause

Did you know you can do good by taking a massage? In Thailand I was massaged by an ex-prisoner. And in Cambodia...
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Colca Canyon, a condor

Condors, lamas and amazing food in the Colca Canyon

The Colca is one of the deepest canyons of the world. I loved it for its beauty, the condors, the cuddling alpaca,...
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Enjoy your Peruvian appetizer

A colourful Peruvian appetizer

I had such a great appetizer in Peru that I had to make it at home too! This appetizer is a great...
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Poached eggs at Epic Arts Cafe Kampot, Cambodia

Doing good can be delicious: two amazing restaurants in Cambodia

There are a lot of amazing initiatives around the world to help people who face difficulties making a living on their own....
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Corcovado: the tough way!

Corcovado is an amazing national park and a must visit if you love wildlife. Visiting the park from Puerto Jimenez means doing...
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Corcovado: the easier way

Corcovado can be done in an easy way. Arriving by boat from Drake Bay and sleeping in La Sirena Ranger Station. And...
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Weta Caves (Wellington) for instant creative energy

The Wellingtons Weta Caves in Wellington (New Zealand) are truly amazing. Even if you're not especially a film lover. Just for the...
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City walk Valparaiso

Free city walks: yes go!

If you asked me 10 years ago to join you on a city walk I might have raised my eyebrows. What a...
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Bruised and battered in Colombia

A girl in a pink dress, with a beautiful straw hat, tanned legs and hair as if she just came from the...
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Street art Penang

Two really good reasons to visit Penang (Malaysia): the food and the street art. I spent one day just taking pictures of...
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Jericoacoara; red skin and blue eyes

When we married his parents cried. But it weren’t tears of joy Aimee said with a super French accent. My sister and I...
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Liveaboards in Myanmar and Indonesia

  If I’m telling someone that I will be spending part of my trip on a liveaboard, most people look puzzled. A...
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