About FOMO Traveler

I’m Floor, a 39-year-old Dutch girl who lives in beautiful Amsterdam. I’ve always had corporate jobs; I worked as a lawyer and for a bank. Hard work, but I’ve been able to travel a lot. How? I convinced my bosses that traveling is important. It’s necessary for me to charge my battery, learn about myself and about the world. And experiences are worth so much more than a fancy car, if you ask me.

Ok, that sounds pretty woolly, but I mean it. I’m the typical Dutch down-to-earth person, but traveling made me so grateful, energized and (even more) respectful towards other people and cultures. I learned to let go sometimes and cope with disappointments, because traveling never turns 100% out as planned. Quite a challenge every now and then, for a control freak like me.

People ask me what it is that I love about traveling, am I escaping something? Honestly, not at all. I love Amsterdam, my apartment, my friends and family. But traveling inspires me. I always come home with a million new ideas. And to feel like cosmopolitan: the best feeling ever!

I love exploring new places, and my heart skips a beat when I see wildlife or beautiful nature. Meeting people from other cultures, drinking a coffee in a local or hip cafe on the other side of the world, are priceless. Oh and I love good food too!

I have a fear of missing out when it comes to traveling

Some of my friends suffer from FOMO; the fear of missing out. They cannot leave a club until the deejay has played the last song and the lights are turned on again. Well…in case you haven’t noticed yet: I have a fear of missing out when it comes to traveling…

I’d love to share some of my trips with you, to encourage you to travel as much as you can! Hopefully I can inspire you about the most amazing destinations in the world!

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.