Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat in Corona times

When I looked out of my airplane window I saw the paradisiacal islands of Raja Ampat disappearing from my sight. Lush green...
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Orangutan in Gunung Leuser National Park

Running from the notorious orang-utan Mina in Bukit Lawang

Jungle trek, jungle trek in Bukit Lawang see the monkeys, see the birds, see orang-utan. Jungle trek, jungle trek in Bukit Lawang...
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Rumah Dharma

Visiting Borobudur? Spend some nights at Rumah Dharma

If you're going to visit the Borobudur Temple in Java, make sure to overnight close by. I can highly recommend Rumah Dharma.
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Liveaboards in Myanmar and Indonesia

  If I’m telling someone that I will be spending part of my trip on a liveaboard, most people look puzzled. A...
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