Hi, I’m Floor van Wingerden, I have a master degree in law and quite some experience with legal-, financial issues and… writing! Trust me, my former jobs were all about communication. Orally as well as in writing.

Apart from text, I think good photos speak for themselves. I have traveled a lot and I always bring my camera. To improve my skills as a photographer, I followed a course (‘Basisopleiding Fotografie’) at the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam, one of the renowned training institutions of The Netherlands. I shoot with a Sony A7 II, a stunning camera.

Collaboration in Dutch or English

I am available for collaboration in Dutch or English. I can help you with:

  • Photography;
  • Hotel + restaurant reviews;
  • Social Media campaigns;
  • Advertisement space;
  • Giveaway items;
  • Press trips;
  • Presentations (on several themes).

What can you expect?

I am ambitious and eager. I tell honest stories. My traveling is about meeting people, learning about other cultures, wildlife, nature, good food and a local beer (or wine!). If you ask me, traveling learns you a lot about yourself and is the best anti-burn out.

Traveling lets me be in the ‘now’. Traveling is about humor, creativity and deep gratitude. That’s what I put into my blogs and work too.

My followers

I am 35 years old and I often travel solo. Most of the times I try to book at beautiful, intimate accommodations. I try to avoid the big crowds. And I want my travels to be as local and authentic as possible.

My target group consist of people who share the same values. They are all about experiences; they want to feel, discover, and travel in a sustainable way. My followers are mostly 30+. They have money to spend but they avoid the huge hotels.


So, if you’re ready to work with me? Apart from what I mentioned before, I am always open to new ideas too. So, please contact me (info@fomotraveler.com) if you want to tell me about your amazing ideas to see if we can work together!